An exhibition of recent
Raku Ceramic Works by
APRIL 20 - MAY 9, 2008
[ Juliana Inniss ]

Juliana Inniss

I am currently exploring a new ceramic firing technique, and as a result my work has evolved to a new aesthetic dimension. I have been trained in an ancient low-fire pottery process called Raku, where the dramatic finishes made possible by this technique, further enliven my images and themes of the Caribbean.

This process embodies the element of surprise and it is this unpredictability that makes every firing truly exciting and an adventure into the unknown. It calls for me to give up some measure of control, and surrender to the process, which is an intimate one where you learn, understand and take an active part in the firing of your works.

Juliana Inniss, Born October 9th 1973, Barbadian

Queen’s College 1985-1992
University of The West Indies Cave Hill 1992-1995
Barbados Community College 2001-2003,
Pottery - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Devonish Gallery - Anguilla - 2005 working in the studio of Courtney Devonish.
Ridvan Studio - USVI St. Thomas - May 2007 training in Raku firing, with master Raku artist Lynn Paccassi-Berry.

Clay Stories - Devonish Gallery Anguilla, March 2006.
Fireworks 3 Tillett Art Gallery, USVI St. Thomas, October 2007.

Government of Barbados – An Icon for National Hero Samuel Jackman Prescod, 2006, Hilton Barbados



Raku is an ancient eastern low-fire technique in which glazed ceramic ware is heated in a kiln to around 950ºC, then removed and placed in containers of combustible materials such as grass, paper or sawdust, covered and left to smoke in order to stain the exposed clay with carbon.

As a result of this dynamic process, unpredictable crackle patterns, colours, lusters and finishes are achieved. Each piece by virtue of the process is unique.